Long Story Short.

Outsourced Strategy officially launched in May of 2018. But looking back, it has been going strong since 2006. It was first branded WebDrivenChurch. But since it wasn’t just for churches, it became WebServices. Then someone said, “You’re the brand, so you need to drop the corporate mumbo jumbo.” Which led it being called DarylMcMullen.com (very narcissistic, we know…)

So here we are, changing it yet again to Outsourced Strategy. It’s new, it’s relevant, but but at the end of the day we’re still doing what we’ve always done:
  • Helping people with their digital strategy
  • Building great websites
  • Leveraging everything the web has to offer
But why did you call it “Outsourced Strategy” you ask?

It isn’t rocket science, but here it is:

  1. The brackets are something WordPress peeps will understand as they are used in the formation of shortcodes. These brilliant little snippets of code look harmless on a page, but when they do their work, all sorts of crazy happens!
  2. OS is just a cool tech acronym for operating system. Of course it’s supposed to stand for Outsourced Strategy, but it’s fun that it’s also know for the other thing…
  3. Outsourcing is the wave of the future. We outsourced our IT needs. We use outsourced code for our plugins. My wife and I are outsourcing our next child…wait, I don’t think I’ve heard that one…
  4. Strategy is key. Without it you’re just doing a bunch of stuff that isn’t connected.

Pulling It All Together…

We’re like shortcodes – we do little things that have a HUGE impact. And like an OS – we can help your system operate efficiently. If outsourcing is an option for you, we’d love to help you achieve your goals. And if you don’t have a clue where to begin, let us help with the strategy.