#BrandMance: Subsplash
April 28th, 2020
Subsplash is a one-stop media content management and distribution platform. You add your content in one place, one time and it kets kicked out to multiple platforms so it is available on every possibl...  Read More
#BrandMance: Squarespace
April 21st, 2020
The more I use Squarespace, the more I love it. Definitely a platform that has grown into itself in all the best ways. ...  Read More
6 Core Elements of a Solid Digital Strategy
August 8th, 2018
In a previous life I worked at an organization where terminology became a sticking point.I was asked over and over again, “What is our digital strategy?” And after a few attempts at documenting the th...  Read More
#BrandMance: National Geographic
July 2nd, 2018
Our second #BrandMance comes from the world of photography and periodicals. National Geographic was launched in 1888 and is known for its amazing articles on geography, science, history and anthropolo...  Read More
Vimeo Just Keeps Getting Better
June 28th, 2018
Vimeo has always been my favorite on demand video platform. From the early days when it was mainly used by artsy videographers, to the enterprise level platform it is today, I’ve been a fan....  Read More
#BrandMance: Rokform
June 9th, 2018
Our first #BrandMance installment belongs to Rokform. This company hits it out of the park with phone cases that not only protect your investment, but also add a level of functionality second to none....  Read More
What’s a BrandMance Anyway?
June 7th, 2018
The best way to explain a BrandMance is to break it down into the two words making it up....  Read More
June 6th, 2018
Always fun to watch TV at work! Spent a few hours yesterday watching the WWDC18 Keynote to see what Apple has planned for their software this year....  Read More
F8 Facebook Conference
May 30th, 2018
I really wish we could have been at the F8 Facebook Conference this year....  Read More
Case Study: Brave Global
May 17th, 2018
Brave Global is a growing non-profit organization that invites God’s people to reach out to the most vulnerable girls with a message of empowerment in every community across the Western world. Brave G...  Read More
[OS] Launch
May 10th, 2018
[OS] is officially live! If you’re looking to outsource your website, the management of your website or just need to talk strategy to improve your digital footprint, check us out!...  Read More