Vimeo Just Keeps Getting Better

Vimeo has always been my favorite on demand video platform. From the early days when it was mainly used by artsy videographers, to the enterprise level platform it is today, I’ve been a fan.

You can’t argue with the reach of YouTube, and the mass following it has. It definitely reigns supreme as the buzz-marketing king of its genre.

But Vimeo is just nice. It’s comfortable. And it has a level of polish you just can’t argue with.
So it didn’t surprise me when Vimeo released the latest upgrade to the platform.

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Feel free to read the entire article, but here is a brief summary:
  • Redesigned albums and how they work
  • Ability to embed playlists (Vimeo Plus and above)
  • Customizable albums (Vimeo Pro and above)

I can’t wait to see what they work on next!

If you aren’t using Vimeo – sign up here.
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