#BrandMance: Subsplash


It's so crazy that I've been involved with Subsplash for close to 12 years now.

It all started back at Granger Community Church in Granger, IN. I was the Web Director at the time and we were looking for a quick and reliable way to push media content to an App and eventually TVs via set-top boxes like Apple TV and Roku.

We had a media player at the time which worked, but only on the website proper.

I reached out to The Church App (as it was called at that time). Back then you started by building and launching an App. But soon after this was up and running, they introduced the addition of the Subsplash platform. This added the Web Player, Apple TV and Roku to the mix.

To give a high level overview: Subsplash is a one-stop media content management and distribution platform. You add your content in one place, one time and it kets kicked out to multiple platforms so it is available on every possible device. It is also the feed for your podcast.

Simple. Straightforward. Powerful.

More recently they've started fleshing out the platform with other functionality:
  • Sermon Notes
  • Giving
  • Messaging
  • Live Streaming

And crazy enough - they partnered with (acquired?) SnapPages in order for their customers to easily spin up full featured websites.

Outsourced Strategy is proudly built on SnapPages - so how crazy is that?!

It's been fun to see Subsplash grow into their own skin. They are now sitting pretty at the top of a niche market - and they aren't done - they just keep innovating and expanding on an already amazing platform.

I'm proud to unveil Subsplash as one of my #BrandMances and I still recommend them to clients looking for an all-in-one solution to their media distribution needs.

Keep up the good work!

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